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You get to be a dragon

You get to kiss dragons

Need I say more? This game is about about the romance adventures of shapeshifters who can assume human or dragon form or anything in between. It's made of several small scene types you play for different situations, like if you want to have big cool dragon duels At Each Other's Throats—which may at any moment become liaisons In Each Other's Arms—and change the entire world during Endgame: The Eclipse. Or, more importantly, you can have A Dance!  

This game follows the Firebrands Formula developed by Meguey and D. Vincent Baker, and its entry was submitted with 1 minute and 19 seconds left to go in the #DREAMJAM, thank you all for dreaming this #DRAGONDREAM with me!

For fans of Firebrands who are wondering what's different, I was tempted to just "Find Mobile Frame Replace Dragon" but I ended up doing... more than that. Most importantly, Dances are 50% longer! And there are no coin flips, dice, cards, etc. involved in resolution. Also, wording and mechanics have been reworked to better facilitate relationships—and  battles! And snuggles!—with more than two participants. And of course you have the dragon stuff—breathing ancestral spirits, falling into a recurring fractal dream instead of dying, flirting with mood-expressive pheromones—the usual.


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Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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